A 4 minute horror film starring COURTNEY GAINS (CHILDREN OF THE CORN, THE 'BURBS)



Logline: After mom gets hacked to pieces by her latest lover, a devout child fights to escape
the same fate.


"Packed with tension and a jaw-dropping conclusion to boot." and "four stars" - Dread Central


50+ Festival Selections

25+ Wins & Nominations



  1. Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival
  2. Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival
  3. Morbido Fest
  4. Telluride Horror Show
  5. NYC Horror Film Festival
  6. Landshut Short Film Festival
  7. Panic Fest
  8. New Jersey Horror Con
  9. Lusca Fantastic Film Festival
  10. Atlanta Horror Film Festival
  11. Bloodbath on the Bayou
  12. British Horror Film Festival
  13. Buried Alive Film Festival
  14. Crimson Screen Film Festival
  15. Fear Awards
  16. Fear Fete
  17. GeekFest
  18. San Antonio Horrific Film Fest
  19. Horror-On-Sea Film Festival
  20. Horrorvision Trash Film Festival
  21. HP Lovecraft Film Festival
  22. Insomnia Horror Fest
  23. Knoxville Horror Film Festival
  24. LA Horror Competition
  25. Terror Film Festival
  26. Twister Alley Film Festival
  27. Crypticon Seattle
  28. Newlyn Film Festival
  29. Horror Hotel
  30. Calgary Horror Con
  31. CryptShow
  32. Long Island Film Expo
  33. Splat! Film Festival
  34. Gen Con Film Festival
  35. Bloody Horror Film Festival
  36. Action-On-Film Festival
  37. Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival
  38. MisCon International Short Film Festival
  39. Horror Night Festival
  40. ScareLA Screening Room
  41. Liberty Massacre
  42. Dragon Con Film Festival
  43. Midsummer Scream
  44. Indie SINsations at The Skylight Drive-In
  45. Obscura Film Festival
  46. Five Continents International Film Festival
  47. Seal Beach Film Festival